Are you dreaming of all the birds, bees and butterflies you’d like to see in your yard? One of the best ways to encourage wildlife is to provide them with food, cover, nesting sites and sources of water. You can provide much needed cover, berries, nuts and seeds, and well-hidden nesting sites by planting native trees, shrubs and groundcover.

What – you don’t know where to find them and think they may be beyond your budget? Well – say no more – your local conservation district is a great place to look.

Your conservation district’s annual brochure has photos and descriptions of plants, a quick glance planting guide, price sheet and other useful tips to help your native trees and shrubs thrive. Most of the plants are bareroot, plugs (grown in a test tube of soil, which remains on the plant roots), whips (suitable for planting hard to reach slopes and bluffs) and small or large pots. Several conservation district sales also offer specialty items like plant protectors, deer repellent or posters.

You can find out when the sale is every year by going to your District website. If your local District does not offer a sale, they can usually direct you to a local native plant nursery or other source of plants.