Whether you own forested land or just want to learn more about the forests in which we live and play, Better Ground can connect you with the forest stewardship information you most need. Our role is to help landowners and residents with stewarding forests, street trees, and open space to enhance wildlife habitat, reduce storm water runoff, and improve human health and well being.

Your local Conservation District provides education and technical assistance to forest landowners – including classes, workshops, and online learning modules, a monthly newsletter, and an online library of dozens of publications and videos to help you manage your forest.

Our forest stewardship programs help private landowners by:

  • Developing Forest Stewardship Plans;
  • Assisting with forest health issues;
  • Connecting landowners with other forest stewardship resources and services;
  • Providing forest stewardship education opportunities, such as the WSU’s Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Course and the WSU’s Forest Owners Field Day.

Through these programs, landowners can become confident, capable stewards of their forest resources and help sustain our vital Pacific Northwest forest ecosystems. Our planning services can also help landowners access cost-share funding for stewardship projects, receive recognition for their commitment to forest stewardship, and qualify for tax reduction programs

Contact your local conservation district to learn more!