Wildfire in Western Washington isn’t an issue – until it is. “Disaster Preparedness” is a familiar catch-phrase, but the underlying principal – taking personal responsibility for being prepared during an emergency – is a good one.  Several recent large-scale natural disasters played out with extensive media coverage have driven home the necessity of preparing for a natural disaster.  In Western Washington we may immediately think of floods and earthquakes; even on “the wet side of the state”, however, wildfire is a natural part of the landscape.

Consider that:

  • Snohomish County is one of the fastest growing counties in Washington with thousands of people living in small cities in the middle of the forest (called the wildland-urban interface)
  • Emergency Responders have fewer personnel and fewer resources to respond to emergencies – operating at 1/3 of the capacity from 5 years ago (fewer resources translates into longer response time)
  • Local fire crews are often deployed to large fires in other parts of the state or country, further depleting the resources available when the wildfire risk is highest

Firewise is a national program that helps homeowners and communities protect themselves from wildfire risks.  Below you will find general information on to help you and your community reduce the risk from wildfire to loss of life and property.

Interested in having your home or community assessed for fire risk?

Please call or email Kristin Marshall at 425-335-5634 ext. 116 or Leif Fixen, 425-335-5634 ext. 110, for a free site visit and evaluation.

Do you live in a high wildfire risk area?   Check out this map to see if your neighborhood is in a high-risk area: