Soil Management

Soil is a living system teaming with bacteria, fungi, insects, and plants. One tablespoon full of soil can contain more organisms than there are humans on this planet. To learn more about the amazing role of soil in human health and water quality visit:

Ever wonder what type of soil you are standing on? The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service provides in-depth information about the form and function of soils throughout the United States. Make a soil map of your farm!

Did you know…


  • All of our food comes directly or indirectly from plants anchored in, and nourished by, soil; or from water that has been filtered through the soil.
  • All of the water we drink and use every day was filtered and purified by soil at some point.
  • Soil bacteria and fungi process and recycle nutrients so that plants and animals can use them over and over again – without these hard working microbes we would be buried in waste!
  • Soils contain about 75% of the total carbon on Earth. Long term storage of carbon in soil, forests, and oceans means less carbon released into the atmosphere as CO2.