Shorelines and Steep Slopes


Living in the Puget Sound region means dealing with river/stream banks, shorelines and steep slopes. This can be challenging but there are a few great resources to help you better manage water and vegetation on steep slopes to prevent erosion.

 Green Shorelines Program

Do you live near a lake or the Puget Sound? To find resources on how to use techniques that are effective alternatives to bank armoring click on the following link: 

 Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control

Having issues with erosion on steep banks? Click on this link to learn how to use vegetation and geotextile materials to stabilize your bank in an ecologically friendly way.

 Vegetation Management of Slopes

Are the trees and shrubs on your steep slope too big or blocking views? Find out about ways to manage vegetation on steep slopes and bluffs that wont create hazards for your house and property.

 Water Management on Steep Slopes

Having issues with water on your steep slope? This guide from the Department of Ecology provides some solutions for routing water around and away from your steep slopes to prevent water erosion.