Rain Gardens

What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a depression created in your landscape to allow rainwater from your roof or driveway to slowly soak into the ground instead of running off into the nearest stream or Puget Sound. Native soils are removed and replaced with a special blend of high organic soil, rain gardens are then planted with beautiful, hardy, low-maintenance perennial plants.


Why build a rain garden?

      • Help with drainage & flooding problems
      • Less lawn to mow
      • No need for fertilizing
      • Enhance your existing landscape
      • Provide food and shelter for local wildlife
      • Increase property value
      • Rain gardens are a simple way for us to help protect our streams and rivers

Want to learn more about building a rain garden?

The Snohomish Conservation District offers free rain garden workshops, and can come visit your property to help create your rain garden design. Sign up for a workshop, request a presenter to come talk to at a group meeting, or request free assistance at your home.