Sound Nature

Welcome to Sound Nature! Living near natural areas is a privilege that many of us enjoy in our region. We benefit from fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking, wildlife viewing, and just relaxing in our forests, along streams and rivers, near wetlands, and in our own backyards. In addition to these benefits, however, living with nature brings challenges such as flooding, erosion from streams and rivers, beaver damage, predatory wildlife, and weed infestations. This website was created to give you some information to help you both be good stewards of your land and our natural resources, as well as manage some of the problems that come along with living with nature.

“I have always known we are stewards of the land more than owners.” -Woods Creek Streamside Landowner

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Perusing the information available on this site can be helpful to gain background information, but we recommend contacting your local conservation district to learn more.