Green Roofs


Vegetated roofs, or green roofs are a great way to slow down the rainfall, and provide something more interesting to look at than shingles.  A green roof is a layered system of materials to provide a waterproof barrier, root repellant system, drainage system, growing medium and plants.

This is typically NOT something that can be added to an existing standard rooftop, as the extra weight cannot be supported. However, if you are thinking of building an addition, or a shed or outbuilding, a green roof might be a nice addition.

Why Green Roofs?



  • Provide outdoor living space or better views from inside
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Can reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Slow runoff and protect local streams and Puget Sound.

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green roof
Green roof on a shed



Learn more!

While the Snohomish Conservation District does not have the expertise on staff to help with a design for your green roof, we have compiled some great resources to help you take your project across the finish line.