Goats are great as the only animals on your property, and they can fit right in with your existing livestock. Goats can help increase the environmental health and diversity of your pasture, especially if you already have sheep, horses and cattle. Goats, sheep and cattle all prefer to eat different plants, which means there is little to no competition for the same food. Goats can also be used to help control (eat) all kinds of weeds on your property, so they can save you time (less mowing) as well as money (for gas and pesticides).

Goats, sheep, and cows are all classified as ruminants (animals with four-chambered stomachs) and four legs. That is pretty much where the similarities end. Sheep and cows are grazers, meaning they eat grass and other similar ground plants. Goats eat more like deer – they browse, meaning they mainly eat the leaves and stems of shrubs. This is not to say that goats won’t eat grass, they will, just after they finish the shrubs, trees and your favorite rose bush. So, if you are looking for a lawnmower with four legs . . . get a sheep!