Composted Manure and Stall Bedding Pilot Project

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Composted horse bedding in hands In the horse industry, we often think of manure and stall bedding as a waste product that must be disposed of. Out of sight out of mind, so to speak.  We may not realize that the manure pile behind the barn is polluting the stream or contaminating our well water. The truth is, manure and bedding both have a useful “after-life” that plays an important role in environmentally and economically sound horse keeping.

The Snohomish Conservation District received a small grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program to work with commercial equine facilities in Snohomish County to trial the use of compost as horse stall bedding. We partnered with O2 Compost (a local Snohomish company) to provide the micro-bin compost systems and the technical expertise for this project.

Read about the project in the Nexus.



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