Chicken Coop Essentials

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_omega] Your adult chickens will need the following to stay safe, healthy, and productive:   [toggle title=”Clean Flooring/Litter”] Chickens technically do not urinate. They pass urine with their feces. Keeping this ammonia smell at bay is important for odor control and the health of your chickens. Wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust or straw all more »

How to Care for Chicks

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_omega] If you’re going to start with chicks, you’ll need a young chick brooder, which can be as simple as a sturdy cardboard box or a small (rabbit-size) animal cage. Place it inside your house or garage – somewhere protected from the weather. Wood shavings work best on the floor as traction for little more »

Are you ready for chickens?

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_omega] If you’re considering raising chickens – whether you live within a city’s borders, or in an unincorporated part of the county – it’s important to know the following: [checklist] Is it legal to raise chickens where you live? How many chickens can you legally have without a license/permit, and with one? What are more »